Cheap Banner Printing Malaysia

Cheap Banner Printing Malaysia – 4 Things You Need To Know

Cheap banner printing Malaysia that without minimum order is now offered by PrintingLab Key Takeaways Banner printing is common for offline marketing. Here’s a few tips on how you can get the cheap banner printing in Malaysia: #TIPS 1 : Understand The Market Price #TIPS 2 : Select Merchants Without SST #TIPS 3 : Negotiate […]

Design business card with Canva

How To Design A Business Card By Canva

You want to print business card but without a softcopy artwork? You don’t know how to use the professional software to make the business card design? When you ask the quotation from the designer, they charge you a high price? You will never worry this issue again after you read this blog post. It is […]

Silkscreen T-Shirt Printing

T Shirt Printing Tips : Artwork Preparation For Silkscreen Printing

Do you felt hassle when you prepare the artwork for t-shirt printing? I believe your answer will be “YES” For instance, your supplier will ask you to give the artwork in AI format. You followed their instructions to save the file in AI format and send to them However, they still rejected you and asked […]

t-shirt printing tips

3 Tips You Need To Know For T Shirt Printing

You will find that there are many jargon in T Shirt printing industry. Without the basic knowledge of this terms, you may not able to find the best and cost-effective way to print your t-shirt If you need to print T-shirt, you can visit to my website I have helped you to gather 3 common […]


6 Tips to Get Corporate Sponsorship

Have you ever send cold-email and make cold-cold to corporate for sponsorship request? If yes, do you think it is work? Or in other words, is it efficient? I believe most of your answer will be a “NO”. I had the same experiences with you when I was organizing event during my university life. I […]

Good Flyer Design

How A Good Designed Flyer Printing Help To Boost Your Sales?

Have you ever paid to print flyer for your marketing campaign? If yes, I hope that you get a good result which you expected. Unfortunately , I’ve receive many negative feedback from my clients and friends. Therefore, I’ve put a lot of afford to find out the reasons that caused low return or even no […]

Banner Printing Guideline

Banner Printing Guideline

Banner printing make you feel trouble? If your answer is “yes”, you must read this guideline. I promise you’ll know how to avoid all the mistake on banner printing after you read this article. Before you print banner to publicize your business or products, there are several important details you need to pay attention. Spending […]

Business Card Design

4 Elements of A Good Business Card

I believe that every business owner or salesperson desire to have their business card well-designed, as to show off their seriousness and professionalism. Indeed, your business card represents your professionalism, your creativity and seriousness regarding your services. People will have a strong impression on you if your business card is standing out. Otherwise, clients may […]

5 Differences of Online Printing Platform VS Traditional Printing Shop

#1 Instant & Transparent Price Online printing platforms or online printing shop like PrintingLab.my allow you to get the price instantly by only several clicks. However, you have to walk in, call or email those traditional agencies to ask the price of the products. #2 Easy Ordering Process You can easily to order and make payment after […]

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