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I believe that every business owner or salesperson desire to have their business card well-designed, as to show off their seriousness and professionalism.

Indeed, your business card represents your professionalism, your creativity and seriousness regarding your services. People will have a strong impression on you if your business card is standing out. Otherwise, clients may lose their interest in your service or even question your professionalism, if your business card looks bad.

Now, let’s have a look at several elements that should be taken care for creating a good businesscard design:

#1 Card Color

If I want you to guess which color could make you feel freedom, which color is in your mind now? I believe you will say “Sky Blue” or “White”.

Again, let’s think one color which gives you a sense of mysterious. Most probably “Purple” or “Black” will come to your mind.

I believe you have now realized that color is an important factor that would affect your brand greatly. PrintingLab has chosen “Orange” as our brand color because it makes people feels joyful, energetic and cheap. We hope everyone could find some funs when dealing with us.

So, choosing the right color for your business card is the critical before you start designing your business card. Here is a simple guideline for the meaning of color in color psychology :

  • Red : Passionate, Aggressive, Important
  • Orange : Joyful, Energetic, Cheap
  • Yellow : Happy, Friendly, Warning
  • Green: Natural, Stable, Prosperous
  • Blue : Serene, Trustworthy, Inviting
  • Purple : Luxurious, Mysterious, Romantic
  • Pink : Feminine, Young, Innocent
  • Brown : Earthy, Sturdy, Rustic
  • Black : Powerful, Sophisticated, Edgy
  • White : Clean, Virtuous, Healthy
  • Grey : Neutral, Formal, Gloomy

For the details of each color and meaning, you may click here to view it.

#2 Make Logo Simple On Business Card

I strongly suggest you make your logo as simple as possible to follow the trend of logo design

Here is some big giant company’s logo history

Google :

Coca Cola :

You can found that their new logo is more simple compared to old logo. Why these big giant kept changing their logo? It is because modern people like simplicity and this makes people feel more comfortable.

I’m not asking you compulsory to change your logo, but I suggest you make it simple when you print your logo on business card. I suggest you print the logo with single color if your logo is very complex

#3 Typography

A nice font on your business card is pretty important because it can attract people to read it.

I want to strongly express, a nice typography or font can create a good communication medium to convey the message that you want your clients or audience to get it.

Here are some examples with different fonts but same sentence :

I believe you can now understand the power of fonts. Maybe you’ll ask that what fonts should you choose? Here are the fonts that I like to use, you may click to view and download :

  1. Century Gothic
  2. Righteous
  3. Lato
  4. Montserrat
  5. Palanquin

#4 Tidy Layout

A good layout is important in business card design because business card has limited size. You need to ensure all the space can be fully utilized in a smart way.

However, many people have a wrong concept, they think the business card should show as much information as possible. At the end, the business card become very compact and ugly. Here is one example which I found from Google :