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#1 Instant & Transparent Price

Online printing platforms or online printing shop like PrintingLab.my allow you to get the price instantly by only several clicks.

However, you have to walk in, call or email those traditional agencies to ask the price of the products.

#2 Easy Ordering Process

You can easily to order and make payment after you get the price from printing platform. The process is as easy as you shopping with Lazada, Shopee or 11Street.

Compare to traditional printing agency, you have to deal with them multiple times to confirm the price and all the product specification. It take times and low efficient.

#3 24 Hours Availability

You can visit the online printing platform’s website at anytime and anywhere. However, traditional printing store will only operate at 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

#4 Free Delivery

Most of the online printing shop provide free delivery service. You can order in your home or office and wait for the courier service provider to deliver the products.

However, most of the traditional printing agencies or shops will request you to go to their shop and collect the products. Some of them may provide delivery services but they will ask you pay the delivery fees

#5 Product Completeness 

Online printing platform gather all the printing products such as flyer, bunting, t-shirt and merchandisers. You can get all the needed products for your marketing campaign

Traditional printing agencies especially those who have invested in printing machine may only focus on certain field. For example, the industry who print paper product will not offer t-shirt printing services.

Therefore, you have to deal with multiple supplier to get all the items that you needed.