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Have you ever send cold-email and make cold-cold to corporate for sponsorship request? If yes, do you think it is work? Or in other words, is it efficient?

I believe most of your answer will be a “NO”. I had the same experiences with you when I was organizing event during my university life. I don’t really understand why the efficiency of my sponsorship team is very limited even they have done their best.

When I was finished my diploma and started my own printing business, there are so many students come and seek us for sponsorship. Finally I knew that why is it so difficult for students to get sponsorship.

In this blog post, you will learn about common mistakes should be avoided and good techniques to get sponsorship by understanding the corporate perspective

Here it goes:

#1 Good Opening Remark

When you talk to your potential sponsor, this is the most frequent opening remark:

“Hi, Mr.Kelvin, My name is ABC and I am representing EFG University HIJ Clubs to invite you to become one of our sponsor”

At first glance the opening remark is pretty normal, but you are actually passed a message to the decision maker regarding you are just approach for money, without thinking the benefits of the business and this is not a win-win deal

Imagine you are the decision maker, what will you reply? Most probably you will reject the students with a lot of euphemistic reasons

So, you need to use a good opening remark that could make the decision maker feel that you know how to make both parties have a win-win deal

Good Evening Sir, my name is ABC from EFG University HIJ Club. I have a solution to help you increase our student’s awareness of your brand. Would you like to know more?

Remember, a good opening remark could make people feel that you are a solution provider instead of a hard salesmen that only look for commission

#2 Short and Nice Sponsorship Email

Don’t write a long email and attach a long detail proposal when you send an email to the potential sponsor.

The decision maker are very busy and they don’t have time to see a long email from a stranger. You are not the only one who send sponsorship request email to them. They may receive more than hundreds similar emails with same purposes

The purpose of the first email you send to corporate is briefly introduce your events and make an appointment with the sponsor to further discuss the collaboration.

#3 Use Email Marketing Software

Stop to use Gmail to send sponsorship request email to the sponsor. You will not know their respond until they reply your email

Email Marketing Software like MailChimp could provide you more data and information to understand the behavior of your email recipient.

These are the data that you could know from MailChimp:

Open rate : How many people open your email
Bounce rate : How many people open your email and straight away click the back button
Unsubscribe : How many people don’t want to receive your email again
Click rate : How many people click the link or button that attached in your email

You can check the screenshot of Mailchimp report here:

Now, you can know the performance of your email. If the open rate is low, maybe your email subject line is not enough attractive to persuade your recipient to open it

If the bounce rate is very high, it could be the content problem. Maybe it is too long and not organized. As the result, you could modify your email and prevent your next recipient to receive the bad performance email.

If you want to know more about Mailchimp, click here to watch the video tutorial

#4 Sponsorship Pitch Deck

A sponsorship pitch deck is a simple, clean and nice presentation slide that not more than 10 slides

When you make a successful appointment with the potential sponsor, don’t show the decision maker a long proposal again. Present to him the main points by using the pitch deck

Here are the element for each slide:

Slide 1 – Intro Slide : Introduce you, your club and event
Slide 2 – Event Summary : Date, Time, Venue, Audiences population, Type of audiences and Nature of event
Slide 3 – Problem : Explain why will you organize this event and why people will join it
Slide 4 – Marketing Value : How can you create marketing value to the corporate (Example : signup, survey, broadcast and etc)

Slide 5 – Why You : Show your club experiences in event organizing, previous sponsors and partners to prove you are able to deliver the promise
Slide 6 – Grow : Show how will you improve the existing event in term of number of participants, scale of event and influence of event
Slide 7 – Expected Resources from Corporate : Your expectation to get from the corporate in term of money, products, vouchers, services and etc
Slide 8 – Resources Utilization : Explain how will you use the sponsor’s resources to run your event and deliver the value to your sponsor

#5 Follow Up

After you met the sponsor and present your event, make sure you follow up them and show your progression

Don’t just wait for their reply because they may forget you. When you send them your progression, it is a prove for the decision maker to believe that you are the right person that able to deliver value.

Remember, your follow up email should not urge the sponsor to make the sponsorship confirmation. If they don’t confirm the sponsorship, it means that they don’t believe your event is valuable to their business.

#6 Understand Your Competitor

You have a lot of competitors in the market. Even Facebook and Google are also your competitor.

The only expectation of sponsor for them to put money is marketing or branding value. They could get the same result easily from Facebook, Google and also the other events around you.

You need to think about the unique selling points that only you could deliver to the sponsor. In other words, why the sponsor could only invest you but not others


There are many factors that could affect the decision of the sponsor to invest on you. However, the most important thing is you have to understand the perspective of corporate. When you able to deliver the value to corporate, they will be willing to provide the resources to you

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Feel free to reply my email and share your opinion to event sponsorship