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Banner printing make you feel trouble? If your answer is “yes”, you must read this guideline. I promise you’ll know how to avoid all the mistake on banner printing after you read this article.

Before you print banner to publicize your business or products, there are several important details you need to pay attention. Spending a little time on these details will save you a lot of time in the printing process.

Here’s it go :

Step 1 : Check Banner Printing Artwork

80% of the problems that cause the manufacturer forced to delay the lead time is because of artwork issues. Therefore, if you can manage well in your artwork before sending it to your supplier, you can directly avoid a lot of trouble.

Artwork Sizing

The standard unit of measurement in printing is feet. However, you’re not able to find feet as unit from majority of design platforms such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Therefore, we will use inch as unit.

So, what is the common operation will be conducted by majority with this situation? Since 1 foot = 12 inches, majority will multiply the inch by 12 to get the actual size (Eg: 6ft x 3ft = 72inches x 36inches). If you also did the same thing, I’ll strongly recommend you stop it!

This is because manufacturer can print the banner with a ratio of 1:12 without affecting the output quality. We take the example above, the 6ft x 3ft banner can be printed by a 6 inches x 3 inches file.

So, just make your file in inch so that the file is minimal in size and able to upload / download with fastest speed.

Artwork Color Mode

The manufacturer must to change the color mode to CMYK before they proceed to print. Normally, the default setting of the color mode is RGB and I strongly recommend you to change the color mode to CMYK before you start to design your artwork. This can prevent the color difference of the printed banner compare to your artwork in RGB mode that displayed on your monitor or mobile phone.

How to change the color mode? Here’s it go:

Change Color Mode in Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator : Click File –> Document Color Mode –> CMYK Color
adobe photoshop change color mode
Adobe Photoshop : Click Image –> Mode –> CMYK Color

You can also click this link to know more about the differences between CMYK and RGB.

Artwork Format

Many people like to print with JPG or PNG file. Both of them are raster image.
The biggest disadvantages / limitation of raster image is distortion will occur when you resize the image. Therefore, most of the manufacturer will prefer you send a vector image.

This is because there is no distortion when resizing a vector image. So, what are the file formats that can be considered as a vector image? An AI (Adobe Illustrator) file is vector file that you should prepare for banner printing.

Step 2 : Select A Reliable Banner Printing Partner

There are two type of printing partner you can find from the market, either an online printing services platform such as PrintingLab.my or traditional offline printing shop. Here are the 5 differences of online printing services vs traditional printing shop

PrintingLab.my allow you to get the price of banner printing immediately with only 4 steps. You don’t need to go the printing shop and ask them one by one.

FOUR Step to get banner printing price instantly :
1. Fill up the size of your desire banner
2. Choose the material of the banner
3. Choose the finishing of the banner
4. Fill up the quantity that you want to order

After you get the price, you can click WhatsApp Us To Order, your banner printing details will be sent to our whatsApp and our customer service officer will contact shortly!

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