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Have you ever paid to print flyer for your marketing campaign? If yes, I hope that you get a good result which you expected. Unfortunately , I’ve receive many negative feedback from my clients and friends. Therefore, I’ve put a lot of afford to find out the reasons that caused low return or even no return on the investment on flyer printing. In order to get the most accurate result, I’ve did a survey from all my existing clients who used our service to print flyer and I found that 34% of them have good returns.

So, I’ll explain in details both of the success and fail cases.

#1 Attraction of Flyer

You have only 3 seconds to capture your reader’s attention said by Larisa who’re the Marketing director of DataMentors. Therefore, you have to make sure that your flyer design is awesome and able to attract your audiences to read it deeply. In other words, if your audiences don’t feel your flyer is attractive within the first 3 seconds, the end of your flyer will be throw into rubbish bin. This is one of the main reason to cause no sales and conversion even you’ve distribute a lot of flyers.

How To Determine The Attraction of Flyer Design?

I believe you’re curious regarding how to determine the attraction of the flyer. It is very subjective and different audiences may have different point of view. Now, let me share my standard to judge my own flyer design, maybe it couldn’t help you to find a good design but you’ll discover that it is very useful to determine a bad design.

Before I proceed to print my own flyers, I’ll firstly ask myself “If I’m the one who get this flyer, am I going to purchase? Or am I willing to contact the seller to know more details?” If your answer is No, please straight away reject this design (if you hired someone to do it). If you yourself cannot attracted by the flyer, how you expect other people will love it?

After I find out the design that I satisfied, I’ll share it to my friends and existing clients to seek for their opinions. This is because they’re the one who have similar characteristics with your potential new clients. If most of them like your flyers design, there is a higher chances for you to utilize this flyer to get sales or brand awareness.

Here’s are all tips for Attraction of Flyer. Before I end this sub-topic, let me show you some of the attractive flyer design. Here’s it goes:

Attractive Flyer Design

#2 Encourage Audiences Connect to Digital

It is very hard to convince a first time reader to purchase your products because you’re strange to them. They may have many questions to your brand and services. It is better to declare your social media account (such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn) on the flyers so that the reader can go and subscribe you. When they go and visit your social media, it helps to build up the relationship and trust as they can view your history, review from existing clients and story. This could increase the chances for the reader to purchase your products.

All The Success Cases Put Social Media As Priority

Based on the investigation that I conducted, I found that majority of those 34% success cases have set social media conversion as their first priority. They’re not focusing on hard sell the products. Here’s are some feedback from my clients :

Eric Kock from Bang!霸气火锅
I’ve tried to focus on promoting my set meal initially but the result is not good. Therefore I changed my strategy from selling to encourage the reader to follow my Facebook Fan Page and Instagram. As rewards, they can get RM10 discount when they come to our restaurant. It’s really work and my revenue is 30% increased.

JinChi from Catalyst Digital
As a Digital Marketing Agency in Kuala Lumpur, we also print and distribute flyers. It is efficient to build our brand awareness by encouraging the reader to follow and like our Facebook Fan’s Page. We’ve wrote and shared many blogs post that related to digital marketing and this had attracted those reader (who viewed FB page by scanning the QR Code from our flyers) to click and view the blogs. Although we don’t have a way to track the conversion directly from traditional marketing (such as flyer and poster), we still can use Facebook pixel and Google Analytic to track who’ve viewed our blog.

Call-To-Action (CTA) on Flyer

Many advertisers will put a small Facebook Logo or QR Code at the corner of flyer, expect the readers to scan and subscribe them. It doesn’t work because the readers will only use 3 seconds to judge whether your flyer is enough attractive for them to look deeply.

So when your readers see it for the first time, your Call-To-Action must be designed as the focus. Let me show you my flyer design for your references :

You can see that I didn’t try to sell anythings by this flyer. I tried to utilize the Front Page to tell my readers regarding ‘Who am I’ , Why You Should Trust Me’. and‘What am I doing’ . On the top of the front page, I put my logo and my website, which is PrintingLab.my for branding purpose.

On the back of the flyer, I only focus on CTA. User will only see a BIG QR Code and the RM30 cash voucher is the hook to increase the probability to scan and signup up. However, I knew that most of the readers may have a procrastination mentality even they like my offer.

I want the readers to signup immediately instead of saying Hey man, I like it! But it’s okay, I’ll signup later’. If they have this idea, they will forget to do it at the end. Therefore, I set a deadline (normally within 2-3 days from the date of flyer distribution) to solve this problem.


If you choose the right way to design your flyer, then your sales will increase. Don’t utilize the flyer to hard sell your product, if not readers will throw your flyers into rubbish bin. Your readers will only keep the flyer that able to create values for them. Therefore, you should guide the readers to social media. This is because the information or values that you put on the flyers is limited.