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You want to print business card but without a softcopy artwork? You don’t know how to use the professional software to make the business card design? When you ask the quotation from the designer, they charge you a high price?

You will never worry this issue again after you read this blog post. It is because you will know how to use Canva, a web-based graphic design software that to serve people who are not a professional graphic designer

You can start to design or choose the business card templates from Canva without installing the software. What you need is only a laptop with your web browser and internet connection

I gonna teach you how to do it step by step. Here it goes:

#1 Business Card Template Size

You need to know the business card standard size in Malaysia. It is 89mm(w) x 54mm(h). Definitely, the printing vendor will reject your artwork if you’re not following the standard size

In addition to this, the price of business card can be double if your artwork’s size is exceed the standard size. It is because whichever size is bigger than that, will be considered as custom made business card

You can click here to use my ready template in Canva.

#2 Understand Bleeding Line

I don’t want to make you confuse. Therefore, I will not explain the definition of bleeding line. Nevertheless, you need to know a little bit about the business card printing process so that you could understand why we need a bleeding line.

Definitely, the printer won’t print your card piece by piece. We print your card in one time. Therefore, we need to have some extra space to cut the card onto the actual size. Here’s the example how the printer will arrange your artwork:

business card printing template - bleeding line

Following, the question is how to make a bleeding right? No worry, I has made it for you in my template.

business card template - bleeding line
Click to Get Template

Next, how can you make sure that you’re using the template correctly? It is really hard to explain in words. Therefore, I decided to show you some example screenshot and here it goes:


This is the artwork that correctly fulfill the requirement of every printing vendors. The important texts (Name, Position & Contact Number) and image (logo) are all within the blue line, which is the safe zone. The background image is also fit to the green line

Now, let me show you some bad artworks which will be rejected by every vendors:

Bad Artwork Case 1

You can see that the texts and image are exceed outside the blue line. In this case, the exceeded texts and images maybe cut by the machine.

Bad Artwork Case 2

Although all the important texts and image are within the blue line, but the background image is not fit to the green line. This may lead to a four white spot on your card. Therefore, please make sure the background image or color is full in size.

#3 Start To Make Business Card Design

A) Get the template

When you clicked this link to view the template, you will be directed to Canva landing page like diagram below:

B) Signup Account at Canva

You can start to design by clicking the Edit Design button. If you are a new user at Canva, you will need to signup an account before you can proceed.

step 2 : login to canva

Then, please click the Sign Up button. You can use either Google or Facebook account to signup within 5 seconds.

C) Make a Copy

After that, please ensure that you click File > Make a Copy. Do not straight away edit the artwork with our template. It is because this is a public template. There are so many people may use it. Your artwork may be changed or lost if you don’t make a copy.

canva-step3-make a copy

D) Change Business Card Background

After you make a copy, the first thing you need to do is change the background image or color.

Change Background Image or Color

There are a lot of ready made sources (shape, font & image) in Canva. You can use it to make a simple and nice design.


Canva is simple, nice and convenient. It allow you to make the business card design nicely even without experience in graphic design. If you want to know more about business card design, you can visit my previous blog post, 4 Elements of A Good Business Card

For more information about business card printing, you can visit our website.