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Do you felt hassle when you prepare the artwork for t-shirt printing? I believe your answer will be “YES”

For instance, your supplier will ask you to give the artwork in AI format. You followed their instructions to save the file in AI format and send to them

However, they still rejected you and asked you to make all the artwork in vector form. You are stunned and confused to ask, what is a vector image?

After you read this blog post, you will know how to prepare a proper artwork. Here’s it goes

Step 1 : Check Your T-Shirt Printing Artwork

Firstly, you need to make sure your artwork is a vector image. The image below will show you the differences between a vector image and raster image

Differences between vector image and raster image

You don’t really need to understand the complex definition of both vector and raster image. I will use a quick tips to teach you how to differentiate it by naked eye.

Firstly, if your artwork image is blur and with dotted, it is a raster image. And you need to know this will not able to print by using silkscreen printing.

Secondly, you can check the image by selecting the image in Adobe Illustrator. You can press CTRL + A to select all image. After that, the image will be selected as image below:

raster image vs vector image. The pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Obviously, you can see that the raster image is covered by a blue square pattern. However, the blue line cover the vector image around it’s artwork pattern

Step 2 : Avoid To Use Image from Google Search

I know this request seem weird because Google is the best platform for image sourcing. However, most of the images that you get from Google are raster image.

This is because most of the images that you can searched from Google are in JPG, JPEG or PNG format. Unfortunately, these are all common raster image format which do not suitable for silkscreen t-shirt printing.

Conversely, you should try to get your image sources from the platform that provide vector image. Obviously, Freepik.com is the best platform that could fulfill this requirement.

How to get vector image from Freepik

It should be noted, when you visit Freepik’s website. You can click the filter button and choose Vectors to make sure that all the image that you search later on will be vector image

Step 3 : Convert Raster Image to Vector Image

Furthermore, I believe that it is not every time you can avoid to get the image from Google. Therefore, you need to know how to convert the raster image to vector image for you t-shirt printing artwork

I want to emphasize this is not the best solution. Basically, I will only use this solution when I was really forced to download image sources from Google

Here are the step to convert the image:

Step 1 : Copy the image and paste to Adobe Illustrator

Step of converting raster image to vector image for t-shirt printing

Step 2 : Click Windows and select Image Tracoge

Step 3 : You will see the image trace window prompt out. Tick the Preview checkbox. Then, change the Preset to see the result until you find the satisfy one. At the end, click the Trace button

image trace to get vector image for t shirt printing

Step 4 : Click the expand button, and the image is traced to vector image

expand the traced image and finally convert to vector image for tshirt printing


Above all the tips that you can refer to prepare the artwork for silkscreen printing. If you want to know more knowledge of this topic, you can read of blog post, 3 Tips You Need To Know For T Shirt Printing

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